My Podcast Interview, Book Reviews, and Virtual Tour Status


It’s official: you can now purchase part two of The Shamed saga on Amazon in paperback and ebook, and Barnes and Noble in paperback. The illustrations are AWESOME – it’s worth purchasing just for those.

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I know your time is precious, so I’m gonna keep this one informational and to the point!

Check me out on The Daily Author Podcast.

We talk about making The Adventures of Juice Box and Shame, Shame as an antihero, my upcoming participation in Denver Comic Con, and more! Note: The interview starts at 13:04.


Recently released book seeking reviews.

Now that the book is out, it needs reviews! The most supportive thing you can do is share your reading experience with others. Even if it wasn’t your jam, you’ll help inform future readers whether this book is for them or not. I’m looking for the “right” readers, not the “most” readers. You can review The Adventures of Juice Box and Shame here.

The Virtual Tour update.

In case you’ve missed the social media frenzy, here are all the stops I’ve made on my virtual tour so far:

That’s it…for now.

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