What’s Happening With Book 2 of The Shamed & Other Updates

UPDATED 2/16/2017

I thought it was about time I provide some updates to the lovely readers I have accrued. I know some of you are wondering about Shame, so I’ll get right to that!

Get ready for the audiobook.

That’s right, folks! I have a super talented voice actor rockin’ the shit out of Shame’s voice recording right meow. You can look forward to a Halloween release time frame and plenty of fun surrounding the launch. If you want a sneak peak of Shame’s voice, just check out the book trailer – it’s the same actor! It’s not the same actor. The original one didn’t fulfill their obligations. You can listen to a sample of the audio prior to purchasing.

EDIT: The audiobook is available now! Click here to check it out.

Prepare for a surprising sequel.

EDIT: Ignore what I’ve written here in this section. I’ve scrapped most of this and a large chunk of my writing. I honestly shouldn’t have shared any of this in detail until I, at minimum, had a complete outline. The next section is more accurate. If you have specific questions, contact me.

Here’s the thing about creativity and being a storyteller – I don’t control anything. I am just the vessel, and I must go where the story goes, not the other way around. It’s the only way any good story ever gets told, so who am I to say otherwise? In any case, I have to say where Shame is going is unexpected and quite exciting for me as the writer.

Shame is just as gritty, cynical, and dark, but no longer controls the story. Alas, Shame will be sharing the spotlight with a new narrator who just so happens to be speaking to me more than Shame. This probably sounds like babble to many of you…but I believe I did Shame justice in Book 1, so Shame’s feeling okay about taking the backseat and letting another narrator continue to tell the story.

What does that mean for readers? It means you’re going to get a lot of questions answered and learn more about the other cast of characters you already know. You may be wondering if we’ll finally meet Cassie…honestly, I have no idea. My gut says yes, but like I said, I’m just telling the story – I don’t make the rules.

What are the biggest differences? As mentioned, the new narrator will be different. We’ll learn more about Shame’s surgery, which leads us into a Sci-Fi realm I am abso-fucking-lutely ecstatic for. Of course, it’s still very much a Thriller, but there will be less of the gory horror type stuff. Remember how Shame was growing a conscience? Seems that’s here to stay!

Here’s my self-serving confession.

I stand by my decision to indie publish In the Mind of Revenge – I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. Where I was when I made that decision is very different from where I am now. I have chosen to throw this new installment to the wolves for ultimate destruction…in other words, I’m going to go the traditional publishing route.

What difference does that make? I will most likely experience hundreds of rejections before I hear a yes, if I even get one. All that means for you is time…you may be waiting a bit longer than we had all hoped. That said, I promise you this book will be published one way or the other – no need to worry I’ll throw it in the trash if things don’t go as I hope.

Does this change the book’s structure? Yes, in a couple ways.

1. First, I’ll position this book as it’s own standalone tale. That means someone could read Cursed Ugly and understand it without ever having to pick up In the Mind of Revenge. As someone wise recently analogized, it’s like watching The Empire Strikes Back. That movie, on it’s own, is a complete cinematic experience. You could never watch A New Hope or Return of the Jedi and still understand the concept and plot of Star Wars. (Note: In no way do I condone only watching one of the three. Watch all three.)

2. Second, in order to make the story complete, there may be some repetition of information. The plan was always to have Shame telling the story to someone (remember chapter one?) – that someone is the new narrator, and that is who is going to be telling most of the story. EDIT: I’m not so sure about this new narrator. She is turning into a much larger character than I thought…she might need her own book.

3. I’m scaling the series down from 3-4 books to just 2. Yep, you’ll have all your answers and completion with this second book.

4. Most likely, time will have passed between ITMOR and Cursed Ugly. Don’t worry – you’ll get your answer to that nasty little cliffhanger. Want the answer quicker? Look out for my novella The Adventures of Juice Box and Shame in the summer of 2017.

In that sense, let’s say Harry Potter had a prequel written from Voldemort’s perspective, so it’s related to the series but not a part of it. That’s the plan with this. Except in this version hopefully we like Voldemort/Shame…

I’m scheming in other ways, too.

If you follow me on social media, you know I recently finished a manuscript that has nothing to do with Shame whatsoever. In fact, it’s a far departure from my first novel, and I had way too much fun writing it. Right now, I’m running edits on it before I pass it over to a professional editor, again in the hopes of submitting it for many, many rejections just to hear one yes.

When considering my brand and where I want my career to go, I realized Sci-Fi/Fantasy is my thing. It’s my passion and something I know I can be great at by the time I’m a ripe young 75. That’s only 50 years to be great! Of course, at that rate, I’ll never be master, but who cares – I get to write anyway.

This manuscript is an intergalactic spy-fi novel that combines elements of my most favorite tropes and stories. I like to think of it as Guardians of the Galaxy meets James Bond…but that’s because I’m a lofty dreamer. Perhaps it’s closer to Spaceballs meets Mr. Bean. I’m sure a plethora of rejection letters will help me sort it out once and for all.

I’m planning on making a wall called “Stepping Stones” full of these disparaging notes and displaying them as badges of honor I can throw tomatoes at and yell boo to when I’m feeling particularly gloomy… or just having an exceptionally bad period. Call it cheap therapy.

Oh, and don’t forget the free shit.

Usually when I do giveaways people are all over it, but my most recent attempt has fallen flat. Here is my last ditch effort to get some interest!

In the Mind of Revenge needs Amazon reviews, but Amazon doesn’t allow you to give out prizes as incentives. So, instead of giving away the Fire TV complete with Voice Activated remote in exchange for a review, here are the rules:

And that’s it. I’d say ten-fifteen minutes max. You scratch my back, I’ll throw free shit at yours.

Keep it real, and never stop reading!