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I’m a Clarity Guide, so my mission is to help you wake up to your life, start living on purpose, and step into your power with clarity. Together, we’ll discover your inner magic so you can live authentically, and get your joy on! If you’re ready to make changes in your life for the better, choose an option below.

Business Support

Call me the Swiss Army Knife of business support. If your business needs it, I can provide it.

1:1 Guidance

A 1-on-1 program with me designed to empower creative solutions to your real-life obstacles. In-person and virtual.


An intimate 90-minute session where I energetically tune into your essence and tell you what I see. In-person and virtual.

Discover your inner magic. Get Your Joy On.

Clients Testimonials

I did a Soul-Seeing session with Liv and it gave me the opportunity to connect with my higher self and ask her questions. I am so grateful for Liv to help me begin this conversation because it has provided clarity for the gifts I offer and how to best use them to be of service. Liv is a trusted guide on this soul path journey and the imagery and insight she shares is astonishing. 

Kendra Charts

Co-Founder, Acro Couple

To work with Liv is to be seen at a soul level. Liv has a tremendous gift for seeing us beyond our personalities and challenges, straight through to our higher selves. She translates what she sees with rich imagery and metaphor, and it’s like reading a book you can’t put down, where the entire story springs to life… except this time, you’re the hero/ine of the story.  Being seen in this way is a true gift, opening us to walk in the world in a way that’s true to our souls.

Nisha Moodley

Womxn's Leadership Coach,

My experience was just phenomenal. I loved every minute of it. The way it resonated with me on a deep, soul level was incredible. It felt really empowering to hear how Liv saw me. I connected with wisdom aligned with my heart purpose, how I can show up in the world in a true and authentic way. I highly, highly recommend these soul-connected, awakening experiences, just to play, get curious, and see what she has to offer.

Jo Gillard

Spiritual Coach, Simply Soulful

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Call to Action: It’s Time to #ReclaimCreativity

I can’t tell you how often someone says to me, “I wish I was creative like you.” It breaks my heart every time. I want to hug them and remind them of the TRUTH! By virtue of being human, you are inherently creative. Just because your creative expression isn’t commodified or marketable doesn’t mean YOU aren’t creative. It means you live in a system that chooses to assign arbitrary value to creativity that makes some old white man a bunch of money.Whether you love to dance, paint, sing, write, design, brainstorm, problem-solve, negotiate, talk, heal, fuck, think, make jokes, perform, do make-up, create spaces, doodle, fold paper, sew, snuggle, save the planet, or anything else, I GUARANTEE you’ve displayed just how creative you are. Over and over and over again. The only reason you don’t recognize it is because no one told you it was worth enough money. It isn’t “practical” or valuable to the market. Money isn’t the only measure of value nor should it be.

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3 Ways Self-Awareness Leads to a Joyful Life

3 Ways Self-Awareness Leads to a Joyful Life

You want to "live your best life," and aren't sure how to do it. At least, that's how I used to feel. I knew I was capable of a lot...what and how weren't so clear, but something inside me was screaming, "You can do, be, and feel better!"  You can do, be, and feel...

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