Hello, lovely.

If you’re looking for information about me — whether that’s credentials or my story — you’re in the right place. Though nothing can replace meeting in-person, I’ll do my best to show you who I am and what I’m about on this page.

In a nutshell, I am a Consciousness Guide. My purpose and passion in life is helping you wake up to all the magic in the world, especially the unique brand of magic you carry inside yourself. My goal is not to tell you who to be or how to live; it’s to shine a light on the possibilities and opportunities that already exist inside and around you. I want you to see what I see so you can make the best possible choices for your life and your mission in the world.

I celebrate all humans — I’m committed to creating space for your voice, no matter who you are or what body you live in.

I love you, and I like you.

Some things I love


I’ve always been a storyteller, even as a kid. I love to read, write, tell tall tales, and hear unique and interesting stories. This has helped me see the beauty in so many things, especially people.

Making Lists

I love to-do lists! They keep me sane. Sometimes, my brain feels like scrambled eggs, and if I make a list, everything clears up, and I feel normal again. The way I use and make lists has changed an evolved with me, though I can’t imagine a world where I’m not creating them.

Morning Tea

Honestly, I like tea any time of the day, though it’s a particularly nice way to wake up. This started in 6th grade when we lived in England. My mom would take my brother and me to tea shops, and we’d literally do tea and crumpets. It was totally bougie and extra lovely!

What Others Say About Me

I am so grateful for Liv to help me begin this conversation because it has provided clarity for the gifts I offer and how to best use them to be of service. Liv is a trusted guide on this soul path journey and the imagery and insight she shares is astonishing.

Kendra Charts

Co-Founder, Acro Couple

My experience was just phenomenal. I loved every minute of it. The way it resonated with me on a deep, soul level was incredible. It felt really empowering to hear how Liv saw me. I connected with wisdom aligned with my heart purpose, how I can show up in the world in a true and authentic way. I highly, highly recommend these soul-connected, awakening experiences, just to play, get curious, and see what she has to offer.

Jo Gillard

Spiritual Coach, Simply Soulful

Liv is professional, organized and extremely fun! I’ve worked with her over the last few years on creative projects, and her upbeat attitude and drive are refreshing. She infuses imagination and magic into everything she touches.”

Samantha Lien

Owner, Roger Charlie Publicity

My Short Bio

Liv Hadden is a Consciousness Guide and the creator of Self-Aware Millennial, the podcast + community for people seeking a joyously authentic life. Her work is built upon her deep belief that every person has a profound gift to share with the world; her mission is to create platforms and spaces for people to find their inner purpose, then share it with confidence and pride.

My Long Bio

Liv Hadden is a Consciousness guide and the creator of Self-Aware Millennial (SAM), the podcast + community for people seeking a joyously authentic life. Her work is built upon her deep belief that every person has a profound gift to share with the world; her mission is to create platforms and spaces for people to find their inner purpose, then share it with confidence and pride.

She’s also an award-winning fiction author and former owner of The Offbeat Writer, a one-stop-shop for authors seeking publication (traditional or self). As a creative entrepreneur, she has acquired a variety of skills and experiences that have allowed her to explore personal leadership on a deep and spiritual level. She created the SAM community as a way to share the knowledge she’s acquired and continues to learn along the way. She is also a Global Shaper in the Austin hub, which is a group of young leaders around the world seeking to affect positive change in their local communities.

One of the most rewarding parts of her career is the opportunity to commune with others through storytelling. Whether it’s written or orated, Liv believes everyone has a story to tell and sharing it is a tool with emotional and spiritual benefits through every season of life. She’s participated in keynotes, panels, and run workshops to help people unlock their inner story and release it into the world.

Liv resides in Austin, TX with her partner and two dogs. You can find her on most social media @livhadden or @selfawaremillennial.

The Juicy Stuff

As proud as I am of my creations and accomplishments, I’d much rather talk to you about other aspects of myself. The things that really make me tick, that get me excited about you and us and what we’re up to in the world. So, if you’re interested in that part, keep reading.

I am evolving.

For seven years now, I’ve been on a journey of self-awareness and spiritual development. What does that mean? It means I’ve been obsessing over who I am, what I’m here to do in the world, and how to move the shit in my way to the side of the road.

It’s been a fucking wild ride.

I can’t tell you the exact moment I knew pursuing self-awareness was the best tool for me to experience joy and authenticity. Probably because there wasn’t just one moment; there have been many over time, the sum of which accumulates to me being here now, doing what I’m doing.

Now, I’m not so obsessed with my own journey. I’m far more interested in yours.

I have always been a service-oriented person. It feels important to me to add value to the places I visit, the people I meet, the situations I find myself in. For a long time, I was trying so hard to do that without taking care of myself. Without being purposeful and mindful of how I was showing up and the impact I was actually having on people.

For a long time, I was in a rush to just be me.

Luckily, through everything I’ve learned in the past decade, I recognize that I’ve already arrived. I’ve always been here. I just couldn’t feel myself. That’s what living in this world does to us — it convinces us to disconnect. To find validation and seek permission from others. That need to be acknowledged and made whole by external factors was (and sometimes still is) a huge obstacle.

I don’t want that for you.

I want you to realize all the power you have within you. I want you to remember that you are all the things you crave. You are joy. You are love. You are whole. You are enough. I’m here to help you remember that!

I am a guide.

I have always cared about words. As I’m sure many of you can relate to, my childhood was riddled with untruths and haphazardly spoken promises. Even I experimented with lying for a while. Turns out, it’s not a great way to live. So, instead, I became a curator of carefully selected words. Don’t get me wrong — I’ve said my fair share of careless things. The more I practice intentional verbiage, the better I get. Which is why it’s important to me that you don’t think of me as a coach or guru or teacher.

Those words don’t match what I’m up to. 

My focus is on creating possibility. It’s on waking up, opening doors, and creating space. It’s about holding up a mirror to myself, you, and the rest of the world. I’m asking tough questions, digging into dark corners, confronting tradition, and getting curious. I’m cultivating community. Making space at the table for everyone denied entry for arbitrary reasons.

I want to show you all the power and strength you already have.

To me, being a guide means shining a light on possibilities and perspectives you may not have noticed before. It’s about showing the way. Why split hairs on word choice? Because the coaching dynamic already has a power structure attached to it that doesn’t feel right for my work at this point. The term guru just gives me all the icks — at least in its modern application in the western world (appropriation much?). Coaches and teachers are prescriptive. They provide instruction, lesson plans, and performance grades. Though I have plenty of opinions and certainly share my own experiences + resources, I’m not interested in that construct.

Don’t get me wrong, I think teachers and coaches are wonderful.

I’ve had many and will probably always have at least one. They’re so important and helpful. And yes, they help you uncover your talents and harness your strengths. They also hold your hand and lead you to the water.

I’m showing you the water and inviting you to take the first step.

I’m not holding your hand. I’m not telling you how to get there. Only showing you it’s there. That it’s an opportunity for you to seize or not. If you take that step, I’ll take it with you. If you don’t, neither will I. If I were a coach, I’d take the step first and coax you along. I’d show you the how then let you know how well you did getting there. Sometimes, you’re gonna need that. I’m not the person for that. I’m here when you need expansion. When you’re looking to take up more space and want to DIY. For those times clarity only feels possible if you go deep inside yourself.

I’ll be here, shining my light bright, so you can shine yours.

Let's work together!

Did you know I wrote a fiction book?

In the Mind of Revenge 4 stars

4.17 Stars on Goodreads

“A somber revenge tale but fronted by a protagonist both absorbing and sublimely complicated.”

-Kirkus Reviews

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