I’m Liv

with a “v” not a “z”

I like to tell stories, I love to read stories, and I certainly enjoying bathing in them. I’m not effective at all of them, but I’ll let you guess which. What I’m sharing with you here are the writing projects I’m currently working on, as well as any relevant updates to my would-be career as an author. I can’t guarantee it will all be true…I make no claims to be a reliable narrator.

My mom called it lying. I call it storytelling.

Bon appetit.


Counting Bodies Like Stars

Genre: Adult Sci-fi 
Style: Space Opera
Sounds Like: “Guardians of the Galaxy meets James Bond”
Status: Contracted!

UPDATE (Dec 2017): Literary Wanderlust sent me a contract for the book. I signed it on Dec. 13, 2017! My editor (so cool to say), will be sending me edits early 2018. Once we have a final manuscript, I’ll get a pub date approximately 9 months in the future. I’m not sure how long I can keep the free chapters of the work up, so download them below while you can! 

Agent Milo Kayd takes the business of ass-kicking very seriously. As a hybrid, Milo gets her edge from exhibiting the best characteristics of both sides of her heritage: Felusian and the now extinct species of Human. Between her Felusian discipline and Human tenacity, she is quickly becoming one of the best agents for The Imperium, the covert organization keeping interplanetary peace intact.

On the brink of a promotion to Special Agent, Milo eagerly accepts a dangerous mission to recover a long-lost artifact that has the ability to destroy worlds before political leader Vizier Alleniah Lyona does. To gather intel, Milo approaches Malkyn, one of the universe’s most dangerous crime bosses. Living up to her reputation, Malkyn traps Milo in a room full of criminals, many of whom Milo has apprehended before. To make things worse, Vizier Lyona’s right-hand man is there. Surrounded by henchman out for revenge, Milo is forced to blow up Malkyn’s lair just to escape. At least she got to take some baddies out in the process, right?

With her cover officially blown, Milo must run from Malkyn and somehow recover the mission. Too bad a blood-thirsty villain isn’t her only problem. When she learns Humans may not be dead after all, Milo uncovers great and terrible secrets that cause her to question her own identity: is her Human side her biggest weakness, or could it become her greatest strength? As the danger mounts and the body count rises, Milo is forced to reconcile her personal demons and make choices that could save her and millions of others from total annihilation…or send them all careening toward total destruction.


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The Time Keeper’s Apprentice

Genre: New Adult Sci-fi 
Style: Time Travel
Sounds Like: “Alice Through the Looking Glass meets Back to the Future”
Status: In Progress

Current Word Count: ~50k   |  Anticipated Word Count: 75-85k

Eliza’s twentieth birthday is three months away, which means she’s that close to moving from a level zero Time Keeper Apprentice to a level one. Finally, she won’t be stuck just following around her old crusty mentor, Albert Einstein. Or, as she likes to call him, Alby. Instead, she’ll be in on the action, helping keep time travel safe and spacetime in proper working order.
Everything is right on schedule until one of the Keepers’ leaders is kidnapped, causing a tear in the Fabric of Time. If the tear isn’t found and repaired soon, entire worlds could disappear, erased from existence. Worse, the tool used to create new Gates for time travel is missing. In the wrong hands, everything the Time Keepers are sworn to protect could collapse into chaos.
Thrown into the fire, Eliza must conquer her anxieties and self-doubt to pass the Periculus—the exam standing between her and becoming a level one apprentice. She perseveres through a minor panic attack or two and rivers of underboob sweat, only to discover a portion of her exam has mysteriously disappeared. With no choice but to retake it, Eliza takes the chance to face her demons head on…hopefully with a little less below cleavage condensation.
Once she is inducted as a level one, the real test begins. As Eliza and Alby’s other apprentices follow the trail of evidence, they end up in more danger than they imagined. Drexel, a scorned Keeper is seeking revenge for his sister and will do anything to get justice. Even if it means collapsing time itself. When Drexel captures Alby, it’s up to Eliza and her teammates to get him back and save time itself.


This one is in super raw form. There will be craft issues and grammar issues. However, if you’re interested in the storyline and/or seeing the evolution of my writing, subscribe to my mailing list, and I’ll send you the first three chapters.