ANNOUNCING NEW BOOK RELEASE: The Adventures of Juice Box and Shame

Well, hello party people. It’s been a while and that’s definitely because I’ve been busy over here writing and scheming. I’ve finally finished my sci-fi manuscript, CROSSFADE, and started sending out queries to agents yesterday. I’ve already received one rejection, so I’m well on my way to making it big :).

But that’s not what this update is about. No, my friend, this update is about something much more exciting for you. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m taking my time to make the second Shamed book excellent so it can get picked up by an agent and hopefully sold to a publisher. That could take a very long time, and since we are quickly approaching the 1-year anniversary of In the Mind of Revenge‘s official release date, I was starting to feel guilty. You see, I left you guys with a pretty nasty cliffhanger…and that just won’t do.

Hence my furious brainstorming on how to get what I want (the Shamed series picked up by a publishing house) and give you what you want (some goddamn answers). Here is what I came up with:

A short novel from Juice Box’s POV that picks up where we left him.

If you love Juice Box as much as I do, then I hope you just got super excited. What’s more, I’m adding illustrations! To be clear, this project is not a graphic novel. Just a novel with totally rad illustrations in it, courtesy of the wickedly talented Mo Malone. If you’ve seen my back tattoo, then you’ve seen Mo’s work. She. Is. A. Bad. Ass!

If you can’t tell from the blog image, I’m going for a comic book vibe.

Despite the obvious malevolence of the first book, JB finds all of this to be an adventure. For him, it’s a reprieve from what he perceives to be a boring and pointless life. In Shame, he’s finally found someone who seems to get him, even if Shame is surly about it most of the time. Luckily, JB is an eternal optimist and knows deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, down within Shame, there’s a heart beating…somewhere.

So, yes, you will find out what happens to Shame. No more cliffhanger hangover. Look for it on Amazon (paperback and ebook), June 25, 2017!

To give you a little taste, here is the prologue.

Warning: This is still going through editing, so it’s a very raw version and is subject to change.

Yo! What’s up? My name is Li, but you can call me Juice Box. Sweet name, right? I bet you’re thinking, “Damn, that’s just the right amount of syllables and everything!” Well, you’re right. Two-syllable names are what you want. Think about it: The Rock, Deadpool, Barack, Jay-Z, Oprah, Loki, Joker, Khloé.

Okay, so that last one was a bad example, but c’mon! There’s like five of those Kardashian ladies, you’re bound to think one of them is hot. Or cool. Point is, two-syllable names are awesome.

Some of you may be feeling skeptical about my two-syllable thing—you’ve probably listed several names that are pretty dank and don’t follow that rule. Of course, there are exceptions, it wouldn’t be a rule if there weren’t. But, riddle me this—how much cooler does it get than to fit your name into the old-school Batman (<- check it: two syllables) theme song?


Hot shit, am I right? “But,” you say, “of all the two syllable names you could have adopted, why ‘Juice Box’?” Well, dang dude! You keep asking all the good questions. I got the name in elementary school after some jealous fools tried to pull a prank on me. They put an actual juice box in my seat just before I sat down, so naturally it busted all over my pants.

No way I was going down as Pee-Pee Li, so I did what any baller would do: I grabbed the smashed package of juice, finished what was left, then announced, “Juice Box out!” *mic drop*

Well, more like *juice box drop*. Either way, the name stuck, and I dig it.

So, that’s my deal, what about you? Have a sweet nickname? Shit! I just thought of a rad exception to my two-syllable rule. Probably the coolest nickname in the whole world belongs to my best friend, Shame. Bad ass, right? I gotta admit, one-syllable names are pretty tight too: Thor, Drake, Pink, Thing, Steel, Storm, Liv, Mo…you get the idea.

At least, I think Shame is a nickname. Shame’s real secretive on account of being a street fighter and what not. Anyway, I guess that’s where things kind of started for me. I met Shame and my life got hella exciting real quick. We’re talking zero to a hundred.

Actually, it’s kind of a long story and some parts are really sad…Shame’s more into the depressing, broody type stuff. Me? I like big adventures and happy endings. So, that’s what I’ll share here—some of my favorite adventures with Shame.

Dude, you’re seriously going to love this. Go make some popcorn or something, cuz it’s about to go down.